LIAN-DOS the ideal solution for the analysis of serial data transfers

The problem of searching for sporadically occurring failures in coupling units and other data transmission equipment !


The software package LIAN-DOS has been developed at the beginning of the nineties in order to make the analysis of serial data transmission with specific protocols flexible and independent of special measuring instruments. The advantage of the "software-solution" LIAN-DOS is not only that the high cost of purchase of purely hardware controlled measuring instruments is avoided :

  • The software can be installed on a IBM-compatible PC or laptop/ notebook under the operating system MS-DOS or Windows 98.

  • You can choose comfortably between more than 40 protocols of different companies ( ABB, AEG, Landis&Gyr, MAUELL, VA-TECH-SAT, SEL, SIEMENS, .. ). You can implement any new protocols without having to replace the whole measuring instrument.

  • You can transmit or receive on four channels simultaneously (!) and set each channel for a different protocol and /or a different transmission type.

  • The recording of the received data and transmission errors are not limited to a small time window but can last several hours and days.

  • The output of the error-protocols takes place at screen or printer in an easily read procedure specific plain text. Therefore error analysis becomes essentially relieved.

  • The software package LIAN can be used not only for protocol supervision but also for the simulation of complete systems such as substations and master stations, process interfaces ( telecontrol head or telecontrol nodes ), process computers etc.

  • Through the definition of action filters moreover you can cause a sequence or send one or several telegram buffers.

  • With its integrated time measurement function, the software package LIAN-DOS offers not only the possibility of pulse width measurement for the analysis of serial digital events on the transmission lines but also a measurement of start slope time for establishing processing times.

  • The tape recorder function allows messages to be recorded and later played back even from systems running protocols that have not been implemented in LIAN-DOS.

These are only some of the advantages that LIAN-DOS offers you in comparison with conventional measuring instruments. This program package provides you with a flexible and convenient software instrument which makes troubleshooting much easier for you.


Transmission - protocols


Generic protocols

Terminal function

Pulse width measuring

  • Digital-pulse-duration-modulation ( DPDM )
  • Pulse-code-modulation ( PCM )
  • Slope time measuring
  • Tape recorder ( Protocol and data format independent )

Asynchronous PCM ( Data format independent)

IEC 60870-5 standard

IEC 60870-5-101

IEC 60870-5-102

IEC 60870-5-103


Indactic 13

Indactic 21 - Data format AT0 and AT1

Indactic 23

Indactic 2033

ProControl 214


RP570 / RP571




GeaDat 81 GT

GeaTrans F202

GeaTrans F202 KC

GeaTrans F203


Funke & Huster



Landis & Gyr


Telegyr 707

Telegyr 805/ 809






SAT1703 ( Data format packed and unpacked )




Telepuls ZPC1600

Telepuls ZPC3600



DUST 3964R :

  • FWK  8/ 2
  • FWK 16/ 3
  • Sinaut FWA




FW537 - Data format M and RGFW

IEC BAG ( Bayernwerke AG )




Sinaut 8-02

Sinaut 4-FW

Sinaut 8-FW :

Sinaut HSL

Sinaut ST1


Scope of supply

The Software LIAN-DOS is delivered on two or three 3 ½" disks dependent on the variant.

The User's manual ( HTML format in German- or English language ) on CD-ROM.

Two channel expansion module ( optional hardware ) :
Normally personal computers only have two serial interfaces, COM1 and COM2. The two-channel expansion module provides the additional interfaces COM3 and COM4 which are necessary for optimal use of the program. The installation of the card is not absolutely necessary. This module is a 16-bit ISA bus expansion card ( 2 x serial with FIFO ) which occupies the AT interrupts 10 and 11 for the two additional interfaces COM3 and COM4. Therefore the interrupts must not be used for any other purpose.

Cable set for variant LARGE : No longer available !!!
2 monitor cable with D9-pin socket on D25-pin plug and an integrated CDE box ( ca. 3 m ).

A CDE adapter is integrated in the monitor cable : No longer available !!!
Through a 3-step switch different functions ( PCM, DPDM, EES ) can be set. LEDs of different colours show the levels of the transmission lines.

Cable set for variant IEC and variant LARGE :
2 monitor cables with D9-pin socket on D9-pin plug ( ca. 3 m )

For DPDM and synchronous protocols must be used an adapter.

Dongle :
The supplied dongle is a small adapter ( 25-pin plug and 25-pin socket ) that must be connected at the LPT1 printer interface on the PC. The printer interface can still be used as before. The dongle is a software licence protection and is necessary for proper operation of the LIAN-DOS program package.

Special accessories :
DPDM / synchron adapter with D9-pin socket on D9-pin plug
EES adapter with D9-pin socket on D9-pin plug
RTG adapterwith D9-pin or D25-pin socket on RTG plug
HK adapter cables to connect the monitor cable to the test object via Hirschmann clamps
FWP adapter plugged in between the monitor cable and the parameterization interface socket on the Siemens FWP component

Guarantee/ Warranty :
The LIAN-DOS software package is guaranteed for 2 years. Within this two years you will receive free of charge updates and technical support.